S.N. Sanders & Associates Mediation


“How long have you been dwelling there…?”

“It is your time to move.”

Nicole Sanders provides a hand to grasp and provides guidance navigating through unchartered waters, and arriving at peace. Sanders provides alternative dispute negotiation services in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.

Civil, Children’s Advocacy, Educational Rights and Family Dispute are her expertise with dedicated and experienced communications resolve.

Nicole Sanders is a  member of the Texas Association of Mediators. She holds master’s degree in Leadership and  Mediation from Abilene Christian University.   Her desire is to restore healing, peace to relations and organizations in the most mutually beneficial and winning outcome. She is also an educator, a journalist and administrator.

 Professional Services
  • Conflict Resolution/Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Systems Process Improvement
  • Leadership Training and Contracting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Communications