No matter how it is sliced. Through collaboration, everyone can achieve more.


Mediation helps to slice up the problems. What is a mediator?  A mediator is an unbiased individual that helps two or more parties come together into an agreement and work to resolve and give peaceable resolutions to problems without having to go to court.

What do mediators do?  Mediators help negotiate contracts, disputes between neighbors, couples, advocate for children, help to solve relationship,  family disputes and more.  Like counselors, mediators work with people to help improve relations, but focus on problem-solving and getting results.

How does conflict bring about peace?  Sometimes difficult conversations need to occur in order for parties to best understand each other, often creating conflict, when varied interests arise.  This is when negotiation and actual peace can begin to occur.

While this is uncomfortable for some, ignoring the problem will not make it go away.  A wound ignored does not go away.  This is where meditation comes into play to bring about peace.

My name is Stephanie Nicole Sanders and I hold an undergraduate degree in communications and a master’s degree and certification in conflict resolution and organizational leadership from Abilene Christian University.

I would love to help you restore some peace, negotiate a win-win solution for you, resolve a crisis and support you and your best interests, for yourself, your family, your organization or for your loved ones.

S.N. Sanders, M.Ed Leadership and Mediation

S. Nicole Sanders



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